Industrial Sands

Sand Express Silica Sands hardness, durability, heat resistance characteristics and precise gradations are ideal for industrial applications.


Sand Express Fine Sand (Sugar Sand) is a very fine, white silica sand (99.8% silica content) with a round particle shape. This sand is ideal for use as an additive for paints, coatings and cementitious products; as well as a thickening agent for epoxy resins.

Epoxy Overlays and Fillers

Sand Express Coarse, Medium and Fine Sands are ideal for use in epoxy overlay applications and as aggregate fillers in epoxy repair materials. The hardness and angular particle shape provide durable, non-skid surfaces in bridge deck and industrial overlays.

Taphole Gravel

Sand Express Taphole Gravel is used as a temporary plug in melting pot cylinders. The high heat resistance of the gravel is essential to contain the molten steel prior to filling the molds.

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